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Hippoctrates Health Institute VegetarianUSA 2010 editor's choice award

The Vegetarian Travel Guide™ - MAPS

Coming soon!! San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, DC, & more!
See our Vegetarian Vacations Map (USA)

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MAP - New York City Metro Area


HOW-TO-USE the Map:
• For link, address & phone, click any individual colored marker.
• To see only listings in a category (ie. Restaurants, Yoga Studios), click on any marker name just below the map.
• To see all listings, click twice on any category name.
• To locate a specific business, type the name in the search box (top right) and choose from the scroll-down options.
• For general zooming, use the + & - on the left side of the map. To zoom in to any individual listing, use the search box , then click the Magnifying glass just to the right of the search box.
• To exit Street View mode, click top right quare button



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